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This program focuses on children who exhibit the capacity to learn beyond their grade level, or who display a given ability in particular areas.

The syllabus includes:
  • perfecting "read aloud skills" with a focus on anthropology and archeology
  • art using clay and paint with a focus on Monet, Degas, and Gauguin
  • music with a focus on Beethoven, Brahms, Weber, Chopin, Wagner and Strauss
  • computer skill development
  • advanced and interactive math using manipulatives
  • advanced project assignments, such as free exploration building off of what is learned in the lessons.

The instructor, a specialist in her field, will also work with parents of these children and show them techniques on how to work with their child in order to develop their skills and talents.

About the Instructor

Kerry Scrivanich's passion lies in working with gifted children. In addition to her work at the NYC public school, she also teaches an archeology elective class and a ballet class for the talented. This dedicated gifted and talented teacher displays a clear understanding of a gifted child's imagination. She recognizes the different levels of gifted students, the differences in creative learning styles, the different modes of expression, and the variety of student interests. Scrivanich received her BA in Anthropology and Archeology and her MA in Education. She also completed the Gifted Education graduate program in New York. Scrivanich recently completed her children's picture book, titled My Gifted and Talented Adventure! The book is now in publication. She is currently working on bringing her new children's toy into production.