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Family Day Care - What Others Are Saying

Excellent care! My son started at age 2 and had anxiety in social situations and was barely speaking. After a few months at RFTS he is now looking to play with other kids and is talking 10x what he was. He also is very happy there and always talking about his friends and teachers. The whole team is awesome. They really put the kids first. Highly recommend! Nissa (Sal & Ninna's mom) Our experience with Reach for the Stars has been outstanding! The staff continues to impress me with their skills and dedication. The program is incredibly well developed - far more impressive than any other program I researched. I can wholeheartedly recommend this program to another parent. My son continues to excel in his writing, math skills, comprehension, and language (he learns italian and sign language in addition to english). I feel confident that this opportunity has strengthened my son academically, socially, and emotionally. Michelle Gambino (Giuseppe, Alessandro and Victoria's mom) Great Program! Very educational, my child learned Sign language and Italian! Danielle Butler I have been with RFTS since 2008. My daughter attended the daycare and both first step programs. She loved the program as well as the caregivers and teachers. I believe my daughter learned so much (including sign language and Italian) from RFTS. When we were with her friends as well as other children you could definitely see the difference between her and children who were not in programs. After she finished up with the Pre-K, she went on to kindergarten and I still sent her to the after school program that RFTS offers. Now my son whom is two, attends the daycare program and you can tell that he is following the same path of his sister. I would definitely recommend RFTS to anyone who is looking for a daycare center. They are caring and they work with you. They are so warm towards the children. It's important to drop your little one off in the morning and feel as if you are dropping them with family and they run in the door with a smile on their face because they know they are about to have a great day which not only includes playing, but a learning experience as well. It makes your day as a parent much better knowing that your child(ren) are in great hands. I wouldn't send my child or steer anyone elsewhere. Jennifer Macioce (Kayla & John's mom) As a gifted & talented educator for the department of education, I am impressed by their rigorous academic curriculum. Regardless, of a child's age they set their standards high. I am not surprised they have a wait list. My advice call now and pray to get a spot, it's the best thing I did for my son and worth every penny! The old saying goes, "you get what you pay for" and I won't put a price tag on my son's education, nor his safety. The staff adores each child as if they were their own. They really do reach for the stars! Proud parent of a two year old boy ;) Kerry Scrivanich (Logan & Cason's mom) Great activities for the children, especially during warm weather. Trips the the library, firehouse and strolls through the neighborhood. Brian DeSanti (Gemma & Rocco's mom) My husband and I are very happy with RFTS. We feel very confident dropping off our daughter knowing that she will be cared for and also have a wonderful learning experience. I first realized how wonderful the program was when she would come home signing words. It really impressed us. We feel very fortunate to have her in daycare at RFTS. Carol (Zoe's mom) My daughter enjoys her time at RFTS. The environment is warm, the teachers are friendly. It is a great program for social and educational development. I think the program is a great program for children even if you do not need daycare. Susan Johnson (Caitlyn and Christopher's mom)